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Offering a Variety of Martial Arts Programs in Birmingham & Bessemer, AL

Take advantage of The Dojang’s affordable, top-quality martial arts lessons in Birmingham and Bessemer, Alabama. 

The Benefits of Learning Martial Arts

Both children, as well as adults, can learn a lot by partaking in martial arts. While self-defense might be the most immediately noticeable advantage of taking classes, there is actually a lot more to learn from working with the sensei at The Dojang.

Martial arts of all kinds help you to develop your self-discipline. This discipline, which includes setting goals, being respectful, learning how to work in a team, and learning how to be a good listener, is a necessary component to moving through the different ranks of the classes. Through this training, you are able to become a better, more active person capable of resolving conflicts without violence as well as being able to defend yourself if necessary.

Taekwondo Classes

Originating in Korea, Taekwondo is a martial art that has become popular throughout the entire world. What has made this high-intensity martial art so captivating? It is because of the way Taekwondo makes you feel both mentally as well as physically. Through these classes, you are not just taught how to train your muscles and movements, but also how to build and nurture your self-esteem and confidence.

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Program

Thanks to the popularity of combat sports, Brazilian jiu-jitsu has quickly become one of the most popular martial arts in the world. A combination of strength and technique, this martial art encourages you to develop the quick reflexes necessary to pull off maneuvers perfectly. This is a great program to participate in if you are looking to get physically fit as well as to develop improved concentration, stress release, and self-confidence.

Cardio KickBoxing Classes

Looking to improve your flexibility, balance, and coordination as you get into the best shape of your life? Then it is time for you to sign up for our cardio kickboxing classes. A great way to relieve stress and frustration as you also lose weight, these classes can help you burn up to 450 calories per hour as you learn movements that can help you better defend yourself.

Contact us for more information about signing up for any of our martial arts classes. We look forward to teaching students located throughout the Birmingham and Bessemer, Alabama, area.