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Martial arts training in Bessemer, AL, that you can count on

Self-Defense Training in Birmingham & Bessemer, AL, for All Ages

Learn how to safely protect yourself when you join our classes. At The Dojang, we choose not to focus on memorization of martial arts, but something that will help everyone more in the long run. We put importance on overall self-defense and hand-eye coordination, using repetition and practical application in real-life scenarios.

Learning Life Skills & Self-Discipline

Our self-defense training in Birmingham and Bessemer, Alabama, helps you learn how to protect yourself from harm but is accompanied by so much more. It also promotes confidence, improved self-esteem, respect, and fitness - which is ideal for children of young ages.

Taekwondo classes for kids in Bessemer, AL

Fantastic self-defense training in Bessemer, AL, for all ages

Class Information

Each class ranges from 30 minutes to one hour, depending on the level and age of the student. These are group classes, but private lessons can be provided to assist those who are in need, are looking to get ahead, or trying to get better at their craft.

We offer monthly programs to help you reach your personal goals. In order to qualify for testing for your next belt, you need to have five stripes - form, weapons, sparring, self-defense, and technique.


• Intro Class - All Ages (Trial Offer) • Tiny Tigers - Ages 4 to 6 • Family Class - Ages 7 to 99 • Adult Class - Ages 13 & Up